Steel Building Warranties & Features

Steel Building Warranties & Features

Engineered for a Lifetime

At Topline, we commit ourselves to quality products and customer satisfaction. In our unending quest to be the best, we offer the following warranties and features on every steel building we make! It’s backed with a 25-year rust-through warranty from the steel mill. The factory design and detailed engineering of each and every building ensures that it will last a lifetime. In addition to great materials, we also provide superior support. Every Topline Steel Building includes engineered computer drawings and a comprehensive erection manual. Our buildings meet US, Canadian, and European building codes.

Steel Building Warranties

Standard Topline Steel Building Warranties

  • 25 Year Rust Perforation Warranty on our AZ55 Galvalume PBR Roof Sheeting
  • Lifetime Rust Warranty on our Stainless Steel Capped Fasteners
  • 25 Year Color Warranty enjoy decades of color with our industry-best paint

Standard Steel Building Features

Top of the Line Difference for every building:

  • 100% Usable Space! Our clearspan technology eliminates posts and beams allowing you to maximize your space
  • Cable X-Bracing: no need to fear wind damage with the tremendous strength of our X-Bracing
  • Optional Accessories: wall lights and sky lights, ridge vents and cylindrical vents, gutters and downspouts, insulation and more

Purlin Bearing (PBR) Roof Panels

Our 26 guage Purlin Bearing Rib Panels offer superior strength and longevity when compared to the typical “R” roof panels used by most in the business. Topline’s PBR panels come standard on every building. The extended overlap on these panels provides a leak-proof seal and—as always—a 25 year rust perforation warranty is our gift of peace of mind.

Steel Main Frame I-Beam Construction

To protect against corrosion, Topline applies gray primer oxide on main frames.

Stainless Steel Self-Drilling Fasteners

Topline uses specially designed fasteners to reduce damage in the construction process and to provide a water-tight seal. Our self-drilling metal building fasteners resist drill point slippage (greatly reducing surface damage) and come with our neoprene washers to create a superior seal. Peace of mind comes standard: a lifetime warranty covers our Topline fasteners.

Z-Girts, Purlins

At Topline, we use z-shaped roof purlin, wall girt and C-Section to protect you from rust. For additional protection in the toughest conditions.

Siliconized Polyester Coating

Every Topline steel building is precision coated with Energy Saving CERAM-A-STAR 1050. For efficiency and durability, this is the paint that sets the industry standard. A ceramic based coating, CERAM-A-STAR 1050 provides superior reflective quality, effectively cooling the temperature of steel buildings, reducing energy needs and potentially cutting costs. In addition to providing a premium thermal barrier, this product also offers exceptional durability with excellent flexibility and abrasion resistance. With CERAM-A-STAR 1050, your building will maintain its initial color vibrancy for decades to come.

  • The use of Ceram-A-Star® 1050 allows for energy credit under the federal tax code
  • A dozen color options each for your panels, your trim, and your wainscot
  • 25 years of warranty coverage for the paint on every Topline steel building!

Note: To ensure accuracy in your color selection, please call for a brochure of color swatches. While computer monitors offer very close approximations of our colors, we want ensure your happiness with the product. Warranty may vary dependent on manufacturer.