Metal Public Facilities

100% american made steel Buildings gallery

Prefabricated Steel Public Safety Buildings

At Topline, we take pride in our public buildings—we make it our mission to provide safe, durable buildings at a responsible price. Like you, we understand the frugal fiscal expectations taxpayers have for their public officials. Like you, we value our firefighters and police officers, our EMT’s and county workers. It makes us happy to provide multi-functional buildings to keep them working and keep our communities running smoothly. Our buildings offer maximum space, speedy construction, and a 25 year warranty—all at a price significantly lower than conventional wood, brick, or block buildings. Every Topline building is fully customizable and meets or exceeds US and European building codes.

Schools and Educational Facilities

Topline creates safe, smart, energy efficient school buildings to meet the unique needs of your district. Made of 100% American steel, our buildings are fire-resistant, are “cool coated” for energy savings, and meet or exceed all US and European building codes. Fully customizable, our designs allow you to tailor lighting, windows, doors, insulation, building color, and more. When you choose Topline, you choose premium materials backed by an industry-best warranty—all at a cost that is significantly lower than conventional building materials. To discuss how we can best meet the educational facility needs of your community, call us today.